The Grind

By Parker Clark

August 4, 2014, Brook Hill two a days for football began. As a team, we came together as one and decided to make this a year for another State championship.

It’s all easy to say you want to be the best, but when it’s early, humid, and ninety degrees, it becomes harder to prove. First it was individual offense–the most boring thing in the world. That rolled into team offense, which was a little better. Defense then stepped up and practice got intense. Linebackers made calls, D-line shifted, things started moving fast. Guys were being lit up. Every snap of the ball, the sound of two sweaty, testosterone-filled boys colliding at full speed filled the air. Time flies when you’re having fun and defensive practice was truly fun. Before long defense was over; we condition and shower. Then head home.

After several days of these type of practices, we moved into the dorms for three days to bond as a team. Staying in the dorms was a great experience that really brought us together, carrying over to the field.

Of course having our first padded practice got everybody pumped up. Big Cat drill was the first hitting drill of 2014. Big players on big. Small players on small. QBs on QBs. When the whistle blew, it was quickly followed by a crash of helmets and shoulder pads. Two athletes would go at it until one gave out. This really set the tone for the rest of practice. The intensity was up for sure.

Practice was fun for a while, but as most routines do,  it turned into a grind. It was hot and it was humid, and we did the same thing every day.

But when the Brook Hill Guard brings home another State title, the grind will all be worth it.


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