What are you Eating?

By Sarah Wegner
McDonaldsDo you know what you are buying when you go through a fast food drive through? Is it even real food? Although it may be cheap and easy, you could be putting dangerous chemicals into your body while also consuming thousands of calories within one meal. McDonalds is just one of many examples.

Members of Natural News went undercover to examine McDonald’s menu to find out exactly what we are eating. You are probably thinking the chicken nuggets processed with a fried covering, right? Well, you are wrong. They have found strange fibers that resemble Morgellons, which is a deadly skin disease. They also found dark black-hair like structures sticking out of the nuggets mass. Alongside of all that, they found odd colorings of red and blotches of blue in the heart of the nugget.

Natural News is also saying it can take up to seven years for a meal from McDonald’s to digest. Is all this harmful stuff worth it?

While convenient and economical for a busy life style, fast foods are typically high in calorie, saturated fats, sugars, and salt. Fast food also has the potential of putting people over weight.

Many fast food restaurants are adding salads and other healthy items to their menu but are they really healthy? The answer is no. Salads at McDonald’s range from 600-900 calories because of all of the sauces and extra condiments you add on. Not to mention the bacon, croutons and other fancy things on top.

Having an eating lifestyle like this stresses people because there is certain things your body needs that it is not getting.
Having a steady and healthy diet also gives the brain all the nutrients it needs to keep working throughout the day.
So now you are stuck with a choice. Do you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or put your life in jeopardy?


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