End of Newspaper Year

By Natilse Lourenco

Now that it’s the last day of the year for newspaper, I realize that there are so many things that I will miss this year.

At first, I decided to sign up for newspaper to have credits but then my ideas started changing.
 In the beginning of the first semester it was difficult to do articles because English is not my first language and also I 
didn’t know how to write and what to write. (I still have that problem!).

Now, in the second semester the things are easier because I find writing articles fun.
 In newspaper, every week I have to write an article about school events or important worldwide events. I found this interesting because this is the best way of improving my writing and grammar skills.

I want to thank Monica, who is a part of the newspaper staff, for being an excellent partner and an amazing person. (Love you, little Monica!)

Newspaper is not the only thing I’m going to miss this year. I will also miss the friends I made and the teachers that supported me and helped me all the time.

I’ll probably be doing newspaper next year, so I’ll see you soon.

Have a nice summer.


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