Having Fun at the Celebration Station

By Monica Liang

On Saturday, May 10th the boarding parents took a group of boarding students to the Celebration Station. It took us about 1.5 hours to get there–but it was worth it!

There were a lot of fun things to do at the Celebration Station, such as laser tag, racing cars, bumper boats, paintball, a video arcade, pool tables, and air hockey.

My favorite activity was the racing cars. The reason it was so much fun is because I can enjoy racing with my friends, such as Eliza Kim, DK Yu, Zeyu Li, Jackie Leng, Jin Yang, and Franky Yu. Although I don’t have a competitive nature, I still had fun riding in the race car (even though I didn’t choose to go very fast). We liked the racing cars so much that we played three times.

We enjoyed the rest of the time in other activities.

When it was time to leave, everyone was on the bus, then we realized that we were missing Zeyu. Some of us went into the building again and again to look for him, but even Mrs. White could not find him. Also, whenever anyone tried to call him a recording said that his phone was not available. After about half an hour, Zeyu came outside because his phone battery was dead. Everyone on the bus was so worried about him but he didn’t even know that he was late.

So, that was our trip to the celebration station. I hope you got a chance to go sometime!


Go-Carts! Victor Loolo ready to tear up.


Jump. Jump big. Like on a verticle sling shot.


Coming around the track.


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