Meet Cynthia Xiang!

By Monica Liangmagic

Meet Cynthia Xiang! She is a 10th grade boarding student from China. Her real name is Xinyi Xiang, but she goes by Cynthia while she is in America.

This is Cynthia’s first semester in America and her favorite parts of America are the environment and the kind people around her.

When asked why she decided to come to Brook Hill, Cynthia responded that her aunt is in the Houston, Texas area.

Cynthia’s favorite subject is science. In fact, she is already studying for anatomy class next year!

Cynthia’s hobby is collecting maps. She has maps of a lot of places, including Narnia!

Cynthia also really likes science fiction. Her favorite movie is Pan’s Labyrinth. She even has a poster of the Pale Man above her desk! She also likes fantasy books. Her favorite books are the Percy Jackson series.

Cynthia is a really kind person. She even bought food to feed the cats that live outside the boarding houses.

Cynthia really enjoys cooking. She loves to taste new foods and to learn how to make them. This summer she is planning to learn how to cook many traditional Chinese foods. So, if you’re friends with Cynthia, if you’re lucky, maybe you can get her to cook for you!

Now that you know a little bit about Cynthia, hopefully you see what an awesome person she is!


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