We are all equal,we are all monkeys. NO RACISM!

By Natilse Lourenço

“We are all equal, we are all monkeys. NO RACISM!’’ said Brazilian footballer, Neymar recently.

Daniel Alves, or just Dani Alves, is a Brazilian football (American soccer) player, who lives in Spain and plays for FC Barcelona.

Last Sunday, a piece of a banana was thrown to Alves from the stands when he was scoring a corner during Barcelona’s 3-2 defeat of Villarreal.

A Villarreal fan threw a banana at Alves in a racist act. Dani Alves picked the banana up off the flied and took a bite before continuing to dial the corner.

“You have to play with these backward. I’m already in Spain for 11 years,” Alves said after the game.

Team mate and friend of Alves, Neymar commented about the incident on his Twitter, Instagram,and Facebook accounts:

“It is a shame that in 2014 things like that exists. It’s time for us to end this! A way to end this is to do the same thing Dani Alves did today! If you think so, take a picture eating a banana and we will use what they have against us to our advantage. #somostodosmacacos #weareallmonkeys #somostodosmonos.”

Neymar has also suffered from this kind of thing in Spain, while playing for FC Barcelona. The player also posted a video on his Instagram with a brief rant about this racial discrimination.

Personally, I’m against racism, regardless of color. Black, brown, white, yellow… we are all equal. The only thing that distinguishes us is our character. Sure, there are people who use color as a way of making victims.

It is very sad when we see racism. Without a doubt, racism in sports exists, as it has in the past. Many sports, such as hockey, basketball, football, and soccer, each have primarily dominant races that participate in them. Specifically, hockey is considered a “white man’s sport.” It is generalizations like these that prove the existence of racism. It may be true that professional hockey players are predominantly white, but this doesn’t mean it’s a “white man’s sport.” It is a sport for skilled hockey players, regardless of their skin color.

#weareallmonkeys #somostodosmacacos

Examples of the “we are all monkeys” trend that resulted from Alves’s eating the banana thrown at him from the sidelines.

This is big issue, and there is more to say. For now, let me simply end with: WE ARE ALL EQUAL!


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