International Night


DK, just a pickin’ and a’ grinnin’

By: Natilse Lourenço

The Brook Hill School International night was two weeks ago. All the students from the boarding house, representing Angola, China, Korea, Micronesia, America, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Mexico, presented information about their countries and made dishes from their countries.

I am from Angola, so I made a presentation about my country and prepared a typical traditional food from Angola which is called Matete.

After the presentation of food and information, there were also some fun activities. There was a passport game and sort of mystery person game in which participants were given a list of clues about various boarding students and then had to figure out who the clues were talking about.

We were taught how to salsa dance, and then we danced until the International Night was called to an end.

It was a fun night for everyone. The boarding students got to interact with the teachers and the day students. It was the first time throughout the whole school year that we, the boarding students, hung out all together.

Special thanks to the Brook Hill staff, but especially the boarding parents and Mr. Rhoads for making this night eventful.


Janet and Ms. O’Brien


It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing! Mindy Ward and Daniel Choi swing/pretzel… uh… dance.


“We’re from riiiiight… here.” Jin and “Nut” point out Thailand, their home country.


Natilse strikes a poses with the Angolan flag.


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