District Tennis Meet


tennis team

The Brook Hill tennis team is ALL ORANGE!

By Monica Liang

Recently our Boy’s Tennis Team and our Girl’s Tennis Team went to the district TAPPS competition. They did very well and both teams won the District Tennis Championship!

The girls that played were Marisa Quevedo, Shawn Adams, Danielle Adams, Lindsay Wheeler, Avery Langemeier, Hayden Langemeier, Erica Luong and Eliza Kim.
Shawn, Danielle, Avery, Hayden and Marisa are all going to state! Marisa even won the Girl’s Single’s District Championship!

The boys that played were Logan Smith, Dylan Smith, Philip Kitt, Alec Kitt, Grant Perkins, Pasha Zapolskyy, and Josh Heingartner.
Pasha, Alec and Philip are all going to state and Philip and Alec won the Boy’s Double’s District Championship!

In total we have 8 players and 2 alternates advancing to state, so be sure to stop and congratulate our amazing Tennis Team next time you see them!


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