By Monica Lian & Natilse Lourenco

Thursday was OASIS day and every advisory group did a special service project to help the community.

Some of the advisory groups went to a food bank or animal shelters.

Mrs. Aycock’s advisory group had something very special in mind. The group of sophomore girls (Emma Kannard, Lexi Crenshaw, Allie Childers, Kortlyn Hill, Val Allan, Charlie Niles, Natali Hall and Sunny Park) led by a fearless Spanish teacher headed to the Tyler Children’s Park where they cleaned the dedicated stones.

The park was started by a group of women who had lost children. The purpose of the park is to remind people that “children are a gift” and each stone was dedicated in memory of a deceased child or in honor of a living one.

Sadly, throughout the year the red clay and mud washes over the stones and covers up the names of the children.

So, as their service project, Mrs. A’s advisory group decided to the scrub clean the plaques and the stones. Sure enough, after a few hours of scrubbing, with a little elbow grease and a lot of soapy water, the names on the stones were once again sparkling clean.

Next time you’re in Tyler, stop by The Children’s Park and take a walk around to both enjoy the beautiful gardens and also to remember the gift of new life!

Another group of sophomore girls led by the humanities teacher Mrs. O’Brien went to the Tyler Food Bank.

At food the food bank, the girls helped to sort food. Every girl had a different job and formed an assembly line where they packaged boxes of food.

It was a fun experience and the Brook Hill team got the job done quickly and efficiently.

These are just two of the fun experiences students had during OASIS day this year.

Volunteering is a fun way to spend your day and also give back to others! Be sure to ask your friends what they did for OASIS day and learn even more about the opportunities students had to share themselves with the community.





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