Art Tapps and Drama Tapps

By: Natilse Lourenço and Monica Liang

This year TAPPS Art meet was very different from previous years because, to our convenience, it was hosted in Waco rather than in Austin. The competition consisted of drawing activities and previous art work that was judged in various categories.
Tito, Eliza, Favour, and Sunny were the boarding students that went to the competition for Brook Hill. It was a new experience for them.

Eliza did Onsite Drawing and presented her art work to the judges and she placed 2nd in that event.

Tito did seek and sketch (black and white) and it was judged. Tito got 3rd place in her photography and experimental section.

Sunny did seek and sketch (color pencil) and that was judged as well.

20140409-121222Sunny described her experience, ´´ I did outside drawing, they gave us two hours to draw. I went outside the building and searched for a view I wanted to draw. I drew a tree and a trashcan. It took me one and half hours to draw it with pencil. But then I realized I had to draw the picture with color.”

Miss Nivens, the art teacher, said, ´´Not one of our students had been to the state meet before so it was a great learning experience. If you have them in class be sure to congratulate them. They have worked so very hard all year. ´´
The Brook Hill School team placed 3rd overall in State out of 24 schools in the Art Competiton.

The Brook Hill School team from the Drama Department also competed on April 7th and 8th at the TAPPS State Academic and Speech meet. Allie Childers competed in the event called ´´Prose Interpretation´´. On the 7th, she competed in the preliminary round with only four people from each preliminary round advancing to finals.

Allie advanced to finals, based on the decision of a panel of three judges. The piece she performed was ´´A series of Helpful post it notes I left around the house for my husband this week”, from Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. On the 8th, Allie competed against the best performers in the state and received 6th place! This is her second year as a State finalist in this event. We hope she competes in it again in the future!

If you see any of the students that competed in events this past week, be sure to congratulate them!


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