Girls’ Golf Update

By Hayley DumesnilRedfern

On a cloudy, dreary morning in the Bell Library, Karina Redfern sat down for an interview with Hayley Dumesnil.

The members of the Girls’ Golf Team so far are Karina Redfern, Samantha Anderson, and Myles Inglish. With only three members at the moment, they cannot compete as a team in tournaments, only as individuals, because they need four players to be able to compete as a team. So more girls need to come out and play!

Karina said, “We have played in 4 or 5 tournaments so far.” Karina got first in one tournament last week. When asked about how the others did, she said, “They have done good for their scores.” They will compete in more tournaments soon before competing in the district tournament.

Karina said that if they have a team then they’ll do good, probably second in district, which means they will move on to the regional tournament, then hopefully on to state. She said it’s going to be a good season and an even better one if they get to compete as a team!

When Hayley brought up Coach Moore, Karina said he’s “a good coach and a character. It’s never boring with him and he knows what he is doing.”

Hopefully the girls’ team will have a great season and make it to the state tournament again!


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