Senior First Choice Colleges

By Samuel Willis

Brook Hill Seniors spend their first semester applying to colleges for acceptances and scholarships, and so many of us have already decided on our first choice college. At the end of last semester, The Cannon Chronicle conducted a survey consisting of the first choice college of each Brook Hill Senior, and we have compiled them into a list here. And so, without further ado, The Cannon Chronicle presents…

Senior First Choice Colleges

UT Tyler – (6) Bridgette Aarant, Allison Bell, Shelby Franklin, Evan Hayes, Amber Wright
Baylor – (5) Lily Cool, Morgan Fore, Hayden McMullen, Maria Moore, Brittany NeJame, Grant Perkins, Claire Rains
Abilene Christian University – (3) Hayley Dumesnil, Hunter Scammahorn, Samuel Willis
Oklahoma State University – (3) Logan Smith, Zachary Wilson, Jeffrey Yeager
UT Austin – (2) Yulong He, Ziyang Li
Texas A&M – (2) Nikki Evans, Dave Park
Texas Tech – (2) Joshua Heingartner, Caleb Wagner
Tyler Junior College – (2) Jonathan Cox, Kennedy Rose
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne – (2) Gyuhyo Choi, Sean Liu
University of California Los Angeles – (2) Seung Choi, Siqi Wu
University of Arkansas – (2) Desarae Rowan, Hayden Langemeier
Oregon State University – (1) Shawn Adams
Tyler Christian University – (1) Bowen Durrett
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs – (1) Elise Hawkins
Incarnate Word – (1) Jonah Gonzales
Sam Houston State University – (1) Drew Jenkins
Oklahoma City University – (1) Kelsey Kilgore
Oral Roberts University – (1) Jazmen Jones
Johns’ Hopkins – (1) Wei Lin
University of Houston – (1) Sam Marrs
Soren Hall – (1) Marisa Quevedo
UC Berkley of Hong Kong University – (1) Hannah Sha
Mississippi State – (1) Ivy Sudduth
Belhaven – (1) Logan Walters
Dallas Baptist University – (1) Kendall Wells

We plan to conduct a second survey at the end of the semester in order to display their confirmed college decisions.


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