Untamed and Uncaught

By: Montana Adkins & Maddi Travis

Melissa Adkins, Kat Stadleman, Montana Adkins, and Brianna Crenshaw were making trouble at the zoo on Thursday, March 20, on their SPARC photography trip.

Throughout the day the group that traveled together, along with these girls, were taking photos and “having fun.”

But after lunch most of the ‘chaos’ began.

As they passed the Rhino exhibit, Melissa Adkins saw some cliffs with a waterfall and decided to be “a monkey.” She jumped on top of some rocks and everyone laughed and took photos while looking out for security.

On the way to actually see the real monkeys, Kat Stadleman and Brianna Crenshaw had an idea.

They were just then passing the flamingos, so they thought, “It’d be awesome to get in there with them and take photos.” As Kat said, “But first, let me take a selfie!”

Maddi Travis and Anne Kimball were taking photos of Kat at the playground while Melissa, Brianna and Montana were feeding the monkeys…illegally!

As everyone came around them, even Mr. Albea and Mr. Travis-the chaperons, soon found out that the little monkey loved ice cream waffle cones!

Thank goodness “these neanderthalic hooligans”, as Maddi described them, didn’t get caught!IMG_1487 IMG_0638 IMG_1485 IMG_1264 IMG_1263 IMG_1488 IMG_1278 IMG_1285 IMG_1498


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