To Kill or be Killed

By: Janet Nwachukwu and Cynthia Cherng
Tyler, Texas

“To Kill or be Killed” returns tonight with Kevin Heart and Steve Irwin, recruits from Animal Planet. This episode was videod at the Caldwell Zoo, a local zoo in downtown Tyler, Texas

The two wild life preservers, one a former comedian and the other a hunter, began bright and early Thursday morning.

As Steve entered the Tigers’ cage, their first stop, Kevin took the camera.

“Well, my partner Kevin and I, we’ve been tracking this particular beast for quite some time. Her name is Mika. She’s four years old and her brother’s name is Williekin. He’s seven years old,” Steve informed. “We’ve just shot her with 5 CCs of tetracycline. When they get up they’re going to be furious. And probably acne free, too.”

“GET OUT OF THERE!” Kevin yelled from behind the camera.

“What’s going on?” a girl with binoculars questioned.

“He needs to get out of there.”


Okay. This didn’t happen at the Tyler Zoo yesterday. However, if this were to happen, let’s just say there wouldn’t be a today, and you wouldn’t be reading this, because on that note, I might be dead.


Mika, 4 years old (sister)


Williekin, 7 years old (brother)




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