The Roots of Brook Hill

By Sydney McNeel, Chloe Martin, and Ruby Timmons


The Brook Hill School provides excellence in college preparatory education, affirms the gifts and challenges, the potential of each student, and encourages the students to honor God through Christ- like character.

This is the statement that Mrs. Gragg, Mrs. Garner, Mr. Humphries, Mrs. Wallace, Ms. Gage, and Mrs. Henrichson go by. To you these might just be names, What you don’t know is that these people are the roots of Brook Hill.

Let’s start this journey with Janda Gragg, Brook Hill’s new receptionist. Mrs. Gragg went to Athens High School and Trinity Valley Community College. She has twin boys in 6th grade, Daniel and Andrew, and her daughter, Emily, is in 3rd grade. She has been working at Brook Hill for six years as a pre-k aid. “I am a proud Christian,” she explained. Her favorite part about being at Brook Hill is working with the kids.

Another friendly face at Brook Hill is Shalon Garner, the administrative assistant to the headmaster. Mrs. Garner went to Southside High School and Stephen High School then Texas Tech for college. She has 2 kids, Timber, an alumni, and Brooks, who is currently attending Brook Hill. She has been working at Brook Hill for 7 years as an aid. When asked what her favorite part of working at Brook Hill is,  Mrs. Garner replied, “I just love seeing the kids every day.”

Someone else who loves seeing the kids everyday is Heather Henrichson, an admissions associate. Heather went to Brook Hill and later to Dallas Baptist University. She has been working at Brook Hill for 9 months now and says she loves getting to know the kids. Mrs. Henrichson works with new day families, gives tours, sets up shadow days, and works with potential families.

Kiya Gage also works as an admissions and business associate. Mrs. Gage went to Kilgore High School and Letourneau University. She started working for Brook Hill this year and loves getting to see students every day, especially her advisory girls.

You’re probably wondering who works with the boarding students. Well, that is Landry Humphries. He went to Brook Hill and later attended Belmont University. Mr. Humphries loves his job because he travels a lot and will soon be visiting China.

Last, but certainly not least, Krista Wallace contributes to Brook Hill as  the director of admissions. Mrs. Wallace went to Robert E. Lee and attended college at Texas A&M. Her favorite part about her new job is being in a school environment


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