By Anna Luker and MiKayla Willis

March 21, 2014


The famed “platmingo.” Photo by Anna Luker

In the Caldwell Zoo yesterday, “this epic love story quickly turned into the oddest merge of our time” said an onlooker gazing in awe at the newly created Roseate Spoonbill. When the flamingos got into the same enclosure as the platypus, things got intimate (or so we all thought).

It was estimated by the general public that at least four months ago the flamingos, and possibly the Scarlet Ibis as well, were released into the platypus’ cages by the zoo for the ‘Study in Pink Project’.  At 12 o’clock on Thursday the 20th, the Roseate Spoonbill was put on exhibit.

Then there arose the questions, “Where did they come from, and how do you pronounce their name?” said most of the people who observed the “wondrous color and unusual shape” of the Roseate Spoonbill.

By vigorous investigation The Brook Hill School’s Photojournalism SPARC group discovered the truth. The new species was, in fact, created by DNA testing gone wrong.

“We had to keep this from the public for some time,” said the Head Zookeeper when questioned. “We fully intend to always keep ‘platmingos’ in captivity, because they’d be laughed out of existence in the wild; along with the fact that they taste like chicken.”

Picturez 001


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