Penguins Take Flight

IMG_1614 IMG_1613By Natali Hall and Kat Stadelmann

Breaking news: the Caldwell Zoo has recently found that the penguins living there have shown bizzare behavior. Recent studies have proved that there is indeed, a penguin able to aviate.

Worker Timothy said: “I have been working here for eleven years now and I haven’t seen anything like it.” The manager here would give no further comment as to why this happened.

The first person to witness this phenomenon was an elderly man named Phil that visits the zoo often. He stated, “I plan to set these animals back into their natural habitat.”

Officials claim this would be an illegal task and Phil could be imprisoned.

For now, the penguins remain under the protection of the zoo.

However, several citizens have reported seeing Phil lurking the premises.

Scientists are working hard to discover what type of species these penguins are.


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