Mr. Travis’ and Mr. Albea’s Photojournalism Class

By: Favour Diokpo, Samuel Diokpo
at The Brook Hill school

The photo journalism class is led by Mr. Travis and Mr. Albea. They have used skills they both enjoy to impact and teach “the basics of reporting news” both journalistically as well as photographically.

Mr. Albea said his personal experience with photography is because he was inspired and motivated by his brother who was his role model. “I looked up to him,”he said.

He continued to talk about a photographer, Ansell Adams, who inspired him through his landscape pictures.

Last year he did the art of Photography, but wanted to try something new and that’s is why he decided on this SPARC to “push” the students in “new ways”.

Mr Travis said the purpose of this SPARC course is for the kids to understand the importance of journalism, “I want them to know the basics of reporting news”.

Mr Travis made this SPARC class because his own class didn’t make and he said, “I was selfish and wanted to learn about photography.”

Both of the lead teachers are handling their class well from the views of students. We briefly asked Cynthia in grade 11 “what do you think about your SPARC class?” she replied, ” I like it, it’s interesting and I learnt some new things about my camera that I didn’t know before.”NB5D0403  NB5D0408


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