Modest is Hottest

By Janet Nwachukwu and Cynthia Cherng
Bullard, Texas

The past Wednesday “Beauty from inside and out,” a SPARC course lead by Mrs. Eden, held a panel of Brook Hill mothers with sons speaking about their perspective and expectations of males and females.

“This SPARC was built to help girls find their true self and not what the world says,” Mrs. Eden explained. “Girls should not fold into what society wants, but stay true to themselves.”

The panel included five Brook Hill parents, Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Cool, Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Kitt, Mrs. Haynie, and two Brook Hill admissions assistants, Ms. Henrickson and Ms. Gage.

During the panel, these ladies discussed, “types of expectations a girlfriend should have, whether or not boyfriends are necessary, similarities between girls and boys that girls fail to see, qualities these women liked about their husbands and so on.”

Mrs. Cool, a Brook Hill parent to two daughters and two alumni said that “life is about cultivating the gifts God has given to you.”

“Boys can wait. There’s so much time in life to be worrying about being tied down and getting stressed,” Mrs. Hale added.

At the end of the day Mrs. Eden asked from the audience, “what qualities these ladies liked in their husbands, what factors they admired the most?”

Mrs. Cool jumped and said, “Eyes for me and only them.”

“Complete honesty and loyalty,” Mrs. Kitt added.

“Don’t marry someone who’s just going to tell you, you’re beautiful,” Mrs. Hale concluded, “I tell myself that every morning. Tell me something I don’t know.”

Over all it was a learning experience and these girls received a lot of adult advice.


Students laugh from a panelist’s joke.


Left to Right: Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Cool, Mrs. Kitt, Mrs. Rose, Ms. Henrickson, Ms. Gage, and Mrs. Haynie.








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