Hanging with the Adkins

By: Anne Kimball, Brianna Crenshaw
Jacksonville, Texas

March 21, 2014

Yesterday afternoon a group of students from the photojournalism SPARC course went to the Adkins’ house to take pictures and hang out.

First, the students listened to music and ate pizza.

Later on, the students went into the woods to take pictures. They soon discovered an old, broken down and trashed out truck. “It was junk, but it was great photo opportunity,” remarked Anne Kimball.

Next, the students found a deer stand and climbed up on to it.As Anna Luker turned to climb down, she said, “This is almost physically impossible,” but she managed to shimmy it down.

After the students walked in the woods for a little while, they made their way back to the Adkins’ house and rode four-wheelers. For some of the students, it was a new, thrilling experience.

Brianna Crenshaw said, “This is going to be difficult,” as she got on the four-wheeler and sped off down the driveway.

When it got dark, the students made s’mores over a fire, while fighting off the greedy dogs.

The students played with the fire until midnight when they went inside to warm up.

“The night was really fun, but limit your eating,” said a regretful Maddi Travis.IMG_5978Brianna's Thingy


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