COACHING 101;Taking an inside look at what it means to be a coach

By: Brianna Crenshaw, Anne Kimball

Bullard, Texas, The Brook Hill School

In the Fundamentals of Coaching SPARC course this week, Coach Collins and Coach Agnew led their students through various activities like visiting colleges of different levels, exploring their sports departments, handling budgets, and ordering equipment.

The students learned four levels of coaching: high school (Brook Hill), junior college (TJC), Division 3 (UT Tyler), and Division 1 (Baylor).

On Tuesday, the group went to Tyler Junior College and Coach Rose talked to them about TJC’s sports programs.

On Wednesday they went to UT Tyler to tour their athletics facilities during the day and to attend a softball game that evening.

On Thursday they went to Baylor and got total access to the football department.

When asked why they chose this SPARC course, student, Logan Mims responded “Because it sounded fun and I wanted to tour different colleges.”

When asked if they enjoyed the course, Caleb Collins said, “Yes, I loved it!”

“It was good, clean, wholesome fun”, Keaton Kilgore added!

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