Birds All Joy Over Sight of Humans

By Samuel Diokpo NB5D1133 As people were seen coming and going into the birds nesting cage at the Tyler Zoo yesterday, there was a form of joy that was noticeably coming from the humans. In the large cage, birds were fluttering, zooming and perching all around. The effects of those actions could be seen as pure excitement to families and friends around. Children were running and screaming “birdie”. They were in ecstasy .Approaching one of the families, I asked them what they thought most exciting about the experience and they all answered, ” the way the birds fly to us whenever food is brought closer is a thrill.”  It was a clear, lovely sight. Another family chirped, “The colors of each bird were distinctively vibrant.” As I took pictures, I saw that the more people came into the cage, the more the birds fluttered around. It was like they were putting on a show and we were the observers. Were they also joyful? NB5D1116 NB5D1165 NB5D1158 NB5D1145 NB5D1022 NB5D0927


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