An artistic transformation

By Kat Stadelmann and Natali Hall

Mrs. Nivens, Brook Hill’s new art teacher, has created a program that has a solid foundation for making AP classes available and improving the artist’s individual skills at The Brook Hill School.

One of her dreams is to expand Brook Hill’s art programs and soon provide more materials such as Mac computers and pottery wheels. She believes it is important for us to be different and to show through art our individuality as a culture. Her prayer for all students is, “to find who they are in Christ and to appreciate their own uniqueness.”

Mrs. Nivens received her bachelors degree in fashion design. She attended her first art class at Baylor in which she fell in love with the arts.

Upon graduation, she taught at multiple schools and found that she loved teaching kids. She even taught online courses to kids from all around the world for a period of time. However, she missed being in the classroom. Finally, there was an opening for Mrs. Nivens at Brook Hill.

She lives in Grapeland, (62 miles from Brook Hill) and said, “the commute has been hard, but I do not plan on leaving anytime soon.”

This year, students have been working hard on a challenging skill level to benefit their artwork. It has really paid off: twenty seven entries are going to the TAPPS state meet. Some of the students this year, Summer Nasser said: “3D art provides different uses of multiple materials and I like the hands on support Mrs. Nivens gives.”

Maddi Travis said: “ I like how I can express myself in a way I cannot do physically. It’s really calming for me.”

Mrs. Nivens has given Brook Hill a new structure for the art program and our students. Overall, she has allowed every student an opportunity to succeed.

art photos 006

art photos 007

Ceramic lamp by Natali Hall
Clay molds, fired and glazed
rope representing the string of lights and knots representing each light bulb
9 molds total

art photos 002

Teapot by Natali Hall
Name of piece: Serendipity
Clay slabs/molds fired and glazed

art photos 003

Piece done by Tiffani Goddard
Welded and constructed from clock and wire parts

art photos 004

Piece done by Tiffani Goddard
Constructed from dead leaves, tape, thread, bottle caps, rope, and chain

art photos 005

From left to right: Small bowl by Brianna Crenshaw, Tall coil pot by Natali Hall, small coil pot by Sunny Park, Modern style teapot by Summer Nasser


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