A SPARC of Thrones

By: Montana Adkins & Maddi Travis

The Art of Strategy was conducted by Mr. Roquemore and Mr. Moore, during SPARC week at The Brook Hill School, “to develop critical thinking and strategic skills.”

Throughout the week the boys did various activities, like attending a self-defense class, going to a “strategic gaming facility” or from what other sources have informed us, “Geek World”, as well as today, and building chairs.

As Jace Kuechle said, “It’s a lot funner than I thought it would be!” and Kyle Webb stated, “It’s very enjoyable.”

At Tiger Rock Martial Arts the boys were tested and challenged physically and mentally. One student stated that he was about to pass out but that it was fun.

“The man at Tiger Rock all made us look weak!” joked Michael Kirkpatrick.

On Wednesday the boys were split up in groups and had the task of building a chair for Mr. Roquemore to sit in. Some of the guys had the idea of building a ‘throne’ as two of the finished chairs displayed.

Malik Alley, Jace Kuechle, and Gage Upshaw literally built a throne! Even though it was covered in branches and flowers, it still stood tall and manly.

Another group had the idea of a simple chair, even if it was unstable. This group had a “secret weapon” though, as Kyle Webb and Michael Kirkpatrick explained. It was…a toilet seat!!

Kyle said, “It’s modern art!”

Talking about himself, Michael stated proudly that, “Michael, Kyle, and Ethan’s chair was perfection!”

This course taught students how to strategically think through problems and analyze obstacles that they have to face.20140321_144257IMG_0471Processed with VSCOcamIMG_2452IMG_0390 IMG_0425IMG_0382IMG_0400IMG_0370IMG_2448IMG_2455IMG_0439


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