How to Write an Article

by Natilse Lourenco 

How hard is it to write an article?! How do you write it? How do you actually sit down, take your keyboard in hand, and produce writing? 

These are all good quesitons. I’m not going to answer all of them, but here is a start.

First of all, it is sometimes hard to find a subject for an article. For me, the subject is always the hardest part to find. I don’t know why.It is probably because one has a lot of ideas and there is difficulty putting them together.

Another issue for me is the language. I’m new at writing articles in English. I speak three differents languages, but it’s still hard for me, because I’m not that good in English. I have sometimes grammar problems! This is really normal.

What is the thesis when writing, and how do you establish that thesis? One of the challenges is focusing on one topic. Every one of you already is focusing in some way. Focusing is what your mind does–what it is centered on–as you write. It’s still hard (sometimes) to focus. Right?

How to write a good article? Maybe these steps will help us all:
Step 1: Select a topic.

Step 2: Make it specific.
Step 3: BE UNIQUE!

Step 4: Revise!

And, if necessary, cry a bit. It won’t make our writing any better, but it might relieve some of the tension we have trying to write.


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