Olympic Update

Norway Pants

Photo courtesy of newshopper.sulekha.com

By Hayley Dumesnil

The medal count right now Russia and the United States are tied for first with 19 medals apiece. Norway is in third with 18 medals.

The Americans swept the podium in Men’s Ski Slopestyle the other day. The Men’s Hockey team put on a show-stopping performance in the rematch of the 1980 U.S. vs. (Former) Soviet Union, aka The Miracle on Ice, against Russia. Matthew Antoine placed third for the United States in the Men’s Skeleton. Noelle Pikus-Pace won silver in skeleton after making a much anticipated comeback to the event. Bode Miller tied for third in the Super G Skiing event, the second time a tie has ever happened at the Olympics. The first was earlier this week in the Women’s Downhill event. Bode Miller has won 6 medals in the course of his career at the Olympics. The Ice Dance couple Davis and White won the first gold medal for the United States in that event.

The shocker is when Norway did not even place in the Cross Country Relay Skiing, whom was picked to win it all. That was a major upset.

Curling took place over the weekend. I don’t understand that sport, so I have no idea who even won. I believe it was just round robin play. I just like Norway’s Men’s curling team’s pants.

The Netherlands swept the podium in the Women’s 1500m Speed Skating.

There is much more to come with over a week left until the closing ceremony!


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