Meet DK Yu!

20140218-083603.jpgby Monica Liang

Meet DK Yu! He is a 10th grade boarding student from China. His real name is Yu Talifu, but some of his friends call him Mr. Egg.

This is DK’s first year in America and his favorite parts are the nature and the friendly people.

When asked why he decided to come to Brook Hill, DK responded that, “Texas is a quiet place. There is a lot of natural beauty and it’s a good place to study. Also, my uncle lives in Houston; he told me that Brook Hill is a good high school.”

DK said that his favorite subject is math. He also enjoys Mr.McGowan’s history class a lot because he can learn a great deal of different cultures in an active class.

When he talked about his school in China, he told me that, “We only have 45 minutes for each class in China. But we have to get up early every day and take nine different subjects till dinner time. After school, we get a lot of ‘presents’ from our teachers…that is, a great amount of homework!”

Here in America, instead of staying up late with homework, DK plays football, but his favorite part of the sport is his teammates. He also likes to play the guitar.

So next time you see DK be sure to say ‘Hello’!


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