Flappy Birds Dead?!

flappy_bird_overBy Samuel Willis

The massively popular app Flappy Birds has been removed from the App Store and Google Play.

It has been 9 months since Flappy Birds was released on the store, and only a few weeks have passed since it took the internet by storm and became the most popular app on the App Store. Our head-writer, Hayley Dumesnil, wrote about it only 4 days ago. The app was going strong and earning a reported $50,000 in ad revenue – per day. However, catastrophe struck this last Sunday when Flappy Birds was removed from the App Store in the height of its popularity.

But what could cause the death of such a popular app?

Sadly, we don’t really know. Flappy Birds developer Nguyen tweeted 22 hours before the app was taken down that it would be removed. He seemed distressed by the fact that people were “overusing” his app (which was indeed known for its addictive qualities). Furthermore, while there were rumors of a lawsuit by Nintendo for the obvious Mario theme, Nguyen dismissed these claims:

“It is not anything related to legal issues. I just cannot keep it anymore.” (February 8, 2014)

There are many theories as to what caused the sudden, unforeseen death of Flappy Birds and why Nguyen dropped it from stores. Some believe that the developer’s company dotGears couldn’t take the sudden pressure that the suddenly growing game brought on them, and others believe that it was due to fear of lawsuit – that the risk was too great for the company to keep the app up.

There has been a backlash from the community towards Nguyen as a result of Flappy Birds’ removal. He has received multiple death threats via twitter, and there have been rumors that he has committed suicide (he has not committed suicide).

What does this mean for me? Am I going to be able to keep playing?

The good news is: the already downloaded game still functions, so those of you who already have it can continue to play it. Just make sure that you don’t uninstall it.

The Bad news is: If you haven’t downloaded it, you won’t be getting it any time soon. The App is already gone from both stores without a trace. Well… unless you wanted to purchase a phone with it already installed, which are already being sold on Ebay for thousands of dollars.


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