Justin Bieber’s Week in Review. (Just kidding, all his questionable antics—that we’ve heard about)

Justin Bieber mugshot

His wonderful mugshot.

By Hayley Dumesnil and Mr. Travis

Justin Bieber is obviously making the news these days. A lot. Just when you think his most recent escapade might be on the brink of “blowing over” or being forgotten, he does something else and is back in the news yet again.

What do we make of this? Should we do something about it? Should we care? (Probably we should, but we the general public won’t be much help. He needs someone close to him or someone who can get his attention and speak wisdom that he will actually hear.)

But that’s not our intention here in this article (unless he happens to read this obscure online paper and be moved to listen). We just want to give a rundown of his shenanigans over the past year or so, and then ask a simple question: Is he really just a “troubled kid”?

Here’s a review of some of his antics between January 2013 and January 2014:

-Charged with assault against his body guard (January 2013)

-Peed in a bucket and said some not-so-choice words about former president, Bill Clinton (January 2013)

-Threatened to kill his neighbor and actually spit in his face (March 2013)

-Tried to smuggle his pet monkey into Germany (April 2013)

-Caught driving without a valid license (August 2013)

-His bodyguard beat up a man in a club (August 2013)

-Attempted to steal a bike [after smoking a lot of weed on a flight] (September/ October 2013)

-Touched a stripper’s booty (October 2013)

-Spray-painted a wall in Brazil (November 2013)

-Ended a concert early after getting hit with a water bottle in Brazil (November 2013) [We grant that this isn’t necessarily a “shenanigan,” but it does show at least a touch of immaturity.]

-Allegedly assaulted his limo driver (December 2013)

-Arrested for street racing in a Lamborghini and smoking weed [to appear in court in March 2014] (January 2014)

-Selfie picturing him biting a stripper’s nipple surfaced recently. Yikes. (January/February 2014)

[Timeline based on article from Wetpaint.com]

Let me remind you that Justin Bieber’s fans claim he’s just a “troubled kid,” but Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, is a “thug” because of what he said about Crabtree after the NFC Championship Game. Sherman went to Stanford to play football and had a 3.6 GPA, now tell me how he’s a thug and Justin Bieber has done all these crazy things, but he’s just a “troubled teen.” Justin Bieber is 19, almost 20. He should know better than to do these things. Obviously we do, but his conscience, is a bit clouded, maybe from all the weed? Some one needs to get through to this “troubled teen” and help him turn his life around. Maybe one of his millions of “Beliebers”?


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