The benefits to have uniform.


By:Natilse Lourenco 
School uniforms in school have always been a problem because students find it hard to follow the rules. Students believe uniforms restrict their individuality. However, wearing a uniform can solve a lot of problems.

Uniforms are better clothes than causal clothes for a school because they make clothing simpler, eliminate class difference, and provide security.
Uniforms are convenient and provide unity, in a sense bringing the school together as one. They are easily accessible and specific. And, there are even stores made specifically for uniforms, like Academy.

When wearing a uniform, there is no obvious class impediment because everyone is wearing the same thing. In view of the fact that everyone is wearing the same clothes, there are fewer trials or conflicts of this kind. Students cannot say that one student’s skirt cost more than another student’s skirt because the skirts were purchased for the same price. In this situation, the school becomes no place to show brands or what one has.

When uniforms are used, a stranger can be identified easily. This can alert those responsible that something maybe wrong. As the Handbook explains, ‘‘Community interests take precedence over personal preferences’’ (37). And it IS in the school community’s interest to know who is a student here and who isn’t. Students may not have thought of this, but uniforms provide safety. They help school staff and security quickly see who is not belonging in the school.

And though it may be a small consolation, uniforms can offer some variety, at least from school to school. Different schools have their different colors. For example, the Brook Hill colors are blue and orange, while another school will have a different color.

Today uniforms should be required in public schools because their use would lead to higher education due to less distraction, less violence, less social comparisons, and maybe even less conflict.


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