Boarders be Paintballin’

by Jason Morris
This past weekend Brook Hill’s boarding house went paint balling. Jason, Victor, Grace, Michael N, Sean Lu, and others went down to Bullard’s paintball course. The group did such events like team death match and capture the flag.
The first split into Miguel’s team of 10 and Jason’s team of 10.Then, on to the games.
The first game was team death match. During this event there were two castles and a huge middle field. At the beginning, team Jason stayed in their castle and defended, running down the opposing teams players. Eddy was the first one out, following Sean then Miguel. Later, Sam continued on as the new team leader, but when the opposing captain (JASON) came out, it was all over.
During the break, while everyone rested, Jason took his team to the side and made war plans for the capture the flag or, in this case, capture the case.
It was a long match, lasting at least 30 minutes. The rules were simple: there was a suitcase in the middle of the map that players had to take to their enemy’s base to win.
It was a battle of the best. Jason set up a scout team of three (Michael N., Bertha O., and Eddy B.) to go for the case, while two in the back covered them (Travis M., DK T.). Meanwhile, three stayed on the castle to provide suppressive fire (JASON M., Fanky Y. ,Zeyu W.). At the end of the game, Jason came out victorious.
There were some funny moments, like when Victor lost his shoe in the mud or when Edkian ripped his bag of 500 rounds.
We went home at the end of it, and called it a great day.

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