Friendly, Talented and Courageous!!!


By:Natilse Lourenco

Last week, I interviewed Janet Nwachunwu, number ten on the Lady Guard soccer team.

She has been a good soccer player for the school for the past two years.

Janet is a foreign international boarding student from Saudi Arabia. She’s a middle child in the family, but soon became independent, forging her own way.

She’s been playing ‘’soccer,’’ as the Americans would say it, but “football” (as she calls it) in her heart for about five years. She started playing as a defender and slowly graduated to her current position as a striker. She’s travelled all over Europe playing what she loves. Little did she knows it would turn out to be something more than a ‘‘game’’.

Her very first year at Brook Hill, the team won the state championship. 

In the last Tuesday’s game (January 21) Janet scored four goals in a row!! This is a good beginning for her–and the team.

When asked about her motivation, Janet says: ‘‘I can show you better than I can tell you.’’

We look to see great things from Janet as the season continues.


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