Hello Dolly–coming to the Brook Hill Stage

by Allie Childers

Get ready! Brook Hill’s 2014 spring musical is coming this way! This May Brook Hill students will be performing in this year’s spring musical, Hello, Dolly.

The show is set in Yonkers, New York, where matchmaker Dolly Levi has her sights set on the city’s most eligible bachelor, Horace Vandergelder. The role of Dolly, previously played by such actresses as Barbara Streisand and Carol Channing, will be created on the Brook Hill stage by our very own Kelsey Kilgore and Jazmen Jones.

The show’s director, Mr. Glenn Ballard, says that “the audition process revealed a lot of talented kids and excitement is running high among the directors. The play is a classic work and we feel very good about staging this musical.”

The play is indeed timeless, as cast member Emily Webb said, “It has a lot of great music with some amazing dance numbers.”

So be sure to mark your calendars for May 2, 3, 9 & 10 and come see Hello Dolly. You’ll be glad you did!

Cast List:
Mrs. Dolly Levi- Kelsey Kilgore & Jazmen Jones
Horace Vandergelder- Chipper Adams
Cornelius Hackl- Joshua Ruark
Irene Malloy- Claire Dixon
Minnie Fay- Lauren Eden
Barnaby Tucker- Justin Powell
Ermengarde- Allie Lake
Ambrose Kemper- Johnathon Cox
Rudolph Reisenweber- Haddon Fredrick
The Judge- Winslow Conneen
Male Ensemble: Alex Ellis, Kyle Webb, Payton Adams, David Chambless, Winslow Conneen, Haddon Fredrick
Female Ensemble: Allie Childers, Natalie Kirkpatrick, Emily Webb, Annaka Willis, Zoe Ward, Alexandra Koenig Elaina Yeager, Katelyn Stiles, Helen French


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