Christmas Holidays :D

By Natilse Lourenço
Christmas is an event that brings family and close friends  together to celebrate the birth of Christ. For Christmas, the Brook Hill residence closes and all the boarding students go to different places to spend their Christmas holiday.

Most boarders go back to their home countries like Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Angola, and Nigeria. Some stay with host families or have families that reside in America.

From conversations with friends about their holidays, the boarders students celebrate Christmas differently from what is expected. Some boarders just spend time with family, some give to the less privileged, while some don’t even celebrate Christmas.

For example, my roomate, Tito, gave to the less privileged things like foods and clothes and she shared the gospel with them.

On Christmas day, I spent my time opening and exchanging gifts, praying, eating, dancing, and recalling past events that happened during the year.

No matter how Christmas is celebrated, it still signifies the love and the birth of Christ. It will still be a time when the school gives the students a break to spend time off and will still be a holiday that is recognized and celebrated world-wide.


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