What to get your parents for Christmas

by Grant Perkins

What do you get your parents for Christmas? I assume mostly teens will be reading this, and sometimes you can be faced with the impossible task of trying to find what to get your parents for Christmas. The cultural gap due to time that is between you and your parents can sometimes make gift buying hard, so I will help to try to ease the pain.

First off, if they deliberately ask for something then you should probably get them whatever they asked for. But most times it’s not so easy. Phrases like “I don’t need anything” or “Surprise me” can be thrown in the ring and you need to know how to face it. This means you have to “blind” gift buy, which poses other challenges entirely.

I should start the blind gift buying off by saying that most socks and ties are out. So what’s next? Well, naturally you should think of things that your parents enjoy. For example, my mom loves these weird chocolates that for some reason are only available in the Los Angeles International Airport, so when my dad is there I ask him to buy some for her from me.

Buying for my dad is a little more confusing. He already knows my every move before I even make it, and especially at Christmas. He’s guessed every present he’s gotten from us since my birth. So, how would one surprise such a “gift guesser” without just getting something random, useless, or bound-for-the-garbage? Answe: You buy something very general. Like in my case, my dad loves guns, so I buy him ammunition. Other broad things could be tools, paper, wood chips, or plane tickets to Tibet (there’s no airport in Tibet).

I’m obviously joking about getting paper and wood chips. To be honest, I have no idea what to get my parents for Christmas and this article is more of a cry for help than anything, so please comment some suggestions.


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