Dreaded Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is the kick off for the Christmas season!

By Hayley Dumesnil

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. One is to avoid going to the store on Black Friday at all costs, unless you are one of the crazy shoppers willing to stand outside for hours waiting to get a good deal on an item you want to buy. People begin lining up outside stores days in advance and stores now even open on Brown Thursday, which is Thanksgiving. I guess this gives you a reason not to interact with your family.

Many people get into brawls over Black Friday deals and people run to beat other people to items. Basically, it is total chaos at midnight, which is way late or early, however you look at it.

My personal opinion is to NOT go outside on Black Friday, especially do not go into town and get in the traffic. Black Friday kicks off the time of the year for crazy bad traffic in town, which means you are more than likely doubling your travel time to your destination.

I prefer to sleep in Friday after stuffing myself on Thursday and watching football.

Now it is Cyber Monday, so get your cyber deals on! Stores put up special sales online on Monday in hopes of interesting online shoppers into buying items.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday?


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