Thanksgiving :)

By:Elim and Natilse

Thanksgiving is a period in America when family and friends gather together and thank God for each other. They also eat and socialize together. For some, it is the only time when a whole family can see each other.

This is a yearly tradition for Americans in the month of November and they usually have a big feast to celebrate during this period. The main course is usually turkey or ham and some families usually have what they call “grandma’s special stuffing.” The recipe for this stuffing is only known by grandma and is usually one of the best things on the Thanksgiving table.

This feast is very symbolic because it was started by the very first settlers in America. They came from England but were originally from Holland.  They arrived in America on a rather small ship called the Mayflower during the cold and harsh winter month of November and couldn’t grow anything. They had to survive with the little they had and only half of the original people lived to see the next spring.

The people grew and harvested corn and some other crops before the winter months the next year. Seeing their wonderful produces and foods, the governor decided to make a celebratory feast for all the pilgrims and their Native American friends as well. They dined and feasted for three days and even though they didn’t call it what it is today, it was “the first American Thanksgiving.”

This is the period when everyone is thankful for each other and no one is left behind. Everyone loves each other for who they are and no judgment is put forth. Happiness, joy and laughter fill the mouths and faces of everyone and what better way to keep this vibe flowing than food?

This is an American tradition and even though it’s not called Thanksgiving in other countries, there is still a period in which nearly every people of the world gives thanks to God for their lives, food, friends and family.  For example, for the Muslims, it’s called Ramadan season in which, after a month of fasting and praying to God, they celebrate and feast with each other and enjoy each other’s companies.

For reasons we don’t know, many countries don’t have thanksgiving, like (Portugal, Angola, and Brazil). But they still have a holiday to remember God.

It is important for everyone to give thanks every day even if it’s thirty seconds just to say, Thank you, God, for everything,” no matter what you are going through because you know that he is there for you and giving you everything that you need.

Happy Thanksgiving from the newspaper crew!


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