2013 changes review

By Grant Perkins

There have been a lot of changes this year at the ole Brook Hill school. Some changes are good, some can be perceived as not so good. Some of the changes include an updated schedule, new phone policy, athletic policy change, and clubs. These are the changes that have personally affected me, and some of the changes that have happened over all. I can’t remember all the new things that have happened this year, unfortunately, and I have no one to survey, seeng as I’m sitting in a Shoguns at a birthday party right now (my strokes of genius come at random times and places). But I will review these changes.

Starting with the new schedule, I’ll say it’s longer, and I can see how that would upset some people, but this is my favorite scheduling system yet. The time in class allows us students to get things done, we can watch full movies and have longer time to take quizzes and tests. The best part is not having every class every day. Who doesn’t get tired of class? It’s the student way. The new schedule allows teachers and students a much needed one day break from each other. The schedule also is amazing for homework. I mean, we get two days to do it!

Next is the phone policy, also another new thing that the typical student would despise; but it really helps. Everyone has been a perpetrator in terms of texting in class. It’s just not the texting itself that distracts you, but a major factor for distraction in these cases is everything you do to cover up the texting. For me, the new phone policy helps. I have really payed attention more in class because of it.

Now for the athletic policy. If all of the victims of the athletic policy tightening up would please raise their hands. If you can’t see, I am raising my hand. All I wanted was to play soccer, but the athletic program had other plans. They are tightening up on the rule that says you can’t play a sport unless you’re in BFS (Brook Hill’s PE). Last year (when I was a junior) I was allowed to play soccer without BFS with no problem, but my senior year is when they do this?! Not cool, athletic program, not cool.

The last thing I’d like to discuss is the new clubs. They’re a great way to bring together people to have fellowship and do what they all like. These clubs are, of course, brand new and there is some problem with meeting times, but they will improve over time.

Altogether I’d say the set up for this year will be a good set up for my last year here at Brook Hill.


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