Girls Winter Sports: Basketball and Soccer

By Elim Oluwole and Natilse Lourenço
The Brook Hill volleyball season is over and the next girls sport running the courts is basketball. Even though the season just recently started, the girls have improved greatly from the first time they met.

Some of the old players have graduated or decided not to play, leaving the sport for the newbies to take over. Most of the players on the team are inexperienced, but with the help of the coaches they are learning and improving every day.

The goal of the team is to have great defense and an awesome man-on-man play going. They’re also working on the fast breaks and great passes. This year they are running and hustling a lot more so they can get as far as they can get in district play–and beyond.

The team had a game Friday (November 15) against Longview Christian Heritage and pulled their first win for the season, despite the absence of several key players. It looks like hope, faith, and determination paid off.

On another note, girls and boys soccer are up and running as well! Even with the dropping temperatures (some days are cold–30-degrees or less!), these magnificent students are willing to play and they aren’t stopping until they reach their goal, which is to win state.

Winter sports are underway, and it looks like the Guard will be championship contenders. Go, Fight, Win!


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