Swimming in the mainstream: “Lest we forget”

By Grant Perkins

I commonly write about albums that are upcoming or fairly new, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Walk the Moon’s old album i want! i want! lately. Their sound is very unique, and their lyrics are filled with innocent lust–their sound is of summer love that can be listened to all year long.

Walk the Moon has some fairly new EP’s, but one thing that is familiar throughout them all is that they have songs from i want! i want! The album was self-released in 2010, so it can’t be found on iTunes. However, all the albums Walk the Moon released that were on iTunes had multiple songs from i want! i want!, like their most popular songs, “Anna Sun,” “Quesadilla,” and “I Can Lift a Car.”

The album is almost like a musical well that they draw music from when needed. Some songs from i want! i want! haven’t been previously released, like “Blue Dress” and the title track. It’s a shame the album never was released on iTunes because these songs shouldn’t be forgotten.

So I urge the readers to go search the internet for i want! i want!, by Walk the Moon.



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