Fall Semester Recap

Senior Trip

The Senior Class before they left for Taos, New Mexico in September.

By Hayley Dumesnil

As a senior, this semester has flown by. Between keeping up with tests, homework, and applications for college, there seems to be little down time. College deadlines are upon us and one can see that the seniors know that; everyone is a little on edge. It was a lot worse November 1st when the Early Action deadline hit. Acceptance letters are already arriving from a few colleges, but soon the rest of the colleges will be sending out acceptance letters. The waiting is sometimes nerve-wracking.

Some seniors are ready to graduate, while others are not, but this semester can’t end soon enough.  All the off days are a bonus, though, with a nice little breaks in the long months (like early release days and some federal holidays).

Highlights for the year so far? Well, the Senior Class went on their senior trip in early September. Then, Homecoming Week came and went in October, but that was filled with fun activities. Plus, the football team won the Homecoming game. Now football has made it into the playoffs and there is much anticipation around it. Last week the team helped out at a Nursing Home for their service project. It is now soccer and basketball season, a sure sign that it is winter at Brook Hill. Girl’s soccer is expected to repeat a State Championship and boys’ soccer is hopefully going to make it to State as well.

Other events include the junior class going on their college trip in early September. They went to Texas A&M University, Texas State University, University of Texas, St. Edward’s University, and Baylor University. (The Sophomore class and Freshmen Class will go on their College Trips in the Spring Semester—these are things to look forward to, no doubt.)

Everyone is ready for Thanksgiving Break which is in a week or two and then that leads to Christmas Break, after Finals of course. Then the year will already be halfway over! How the time flies!

Junior College Trip

Some of the Juniors posing for a picture at Baylor University.


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