MTP – Mr. Travis

Meet the Press: Mr. Travis

20131108-084924.jpgMr. Travis is the hardest working man in show business, if by show business you mean teaching twelfth grade English and a little journalism as well. Mr. Travis has a way of editing an article that would make it look like he’s a master at the art of gilding. I know I have submitted some mediocre articles that (after being edited) hit the internet looking as beautiful as possible.

Well, who is the wizard behind the curtain though? Who is Mr. Travis? As some legends go, Mr. Travis was a lab accident that consisted of a skateboard, those nice pencils from Amazon, comics, and some Faulkner novels mixed with radioactive material. Or maybe he had a normal childhood and was born like all the rest of us, who knows? But what I do know is that in a recent interview, Mr. Travis said his top three favorite things to do are, “reading, writing, and skateboarding,” which directly concur with my theory of his creation.

Mr. Travis also responded the the question “If you were on an island and you could have one thing from Victoria’s Secret, what would it be and why?” with, “I would get a bath robe or a sheet–just any big piece of cloth–so I could use it for multiple things. All the lingerie is out.” You (the reader) can take that however you like, but I see that as a smart choice, which to me displays a small portion of Mr. Travis’ genius.

I know I have been rather jocular throughout this article, but without Mr. Travis, there REALLY wouldn’t be a newspaper. If we (as the newspaper staff) have accomplished this much in this little time, who knows what’s in store?



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