Cat Overpopulation and Its Effect on Society Today

In this day and age everyone has a companion, whether it be a person, pet, media, anything really. There is nothing wrong with wanting some companionship, it’s a natural human instinct to not be alone, to live in colonies or groups. Yet there is still an issue with the fact that many people make a commitment but soon find something else to occupy their time and they soon forget about that initial companionship. This problem that the world is faced with today has caused a lot of conflict, specifically when it comes to cats. 
Many people are drawn to the lovable, fluffy, and adorable bundles of joy known as cats. These people soon want to take home one of these amazing companions because they think that all they need is a litter box, some food and water, and no attention, but that is not the case. Taking care of a cat, or kitten, is hard work and takes commitment and the proper state of mind. 
One of the biggest issue with a cat is having to get it spay or neutered. Although this costs money, it is more than worth the effort of fixing your cat so that it does not reproduce. Imagine ending up taking care of six cats instead of just one. This just proves that in the long run it is worth both the time and money of fixing your cat.
Furthermore, some people will end up adopting a cat or kitten, and when they get it home they find some sort of issue with the care for such an animal being too much, and decide that they would rather set it free or abandon it so that they no longer have to care for a creature who had no control of its presence on this planet. When a cat is abandoned, depending on its age and the circumstances, the cat typically turns into what is called a feral animal. An animal is considered feral if it has never experienced the love and nurturing of a human, therefore being afraid or aggressive towards people whenever they try to offer them help. Many feral cats carry some sort of parasite or disease which then spreads to other wild, and even domesticated animal within that specific area. Another issue concerning feral cats is, since no one is willing to spend money on fixing them, they typically end up reproducing among themselves, creating an out of control population of cats.
These collective events create turmoil within areas that the cat population is out of control, causing disease and sad cats.

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