High School and College

By Natilse Lourenco

According to research, high schools and colleges have a lot similarities and

High school is a time for learning. It consists of knowing what you can
or cannot do, going to all the classes you have to throughout the year. Basically, high school is redundant; many people find them selves having the same friends for many years. Everyone should experience high school because it prepares you for the next step in your life that step is call: college.
College is a time to work really hard; it’s also a new beginning. A lot of people say that college is more relaxed than high school because it has classes online so you don’t waste your money. In college no one cares if you skip class. Also, you can set your own schedule. Obviously, in high school the system is different. The bad thing about college is that drugs and alcohol are easily accessible, while in high school it’s illegal.

High school prepares you for college. College prepares you for a new chapter in your life. We could say the one leads to the other, or, more precisely, you need the one in order to be ready for the other.


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