Boarding student life

By: Natilse Lourenço

A boarding student’s life is different from a day student’s life.

First of all, we boarding students have organized runs to go places. During the week we go to Walmart and Brookshire’s to buy necessities.

After dinner, we have study hall at 6:30pm until 8pm. The people who are failing a class stay until 8:30pm.

During the weekend we have new and different activities. We sometimes go to the mall or Main Event, and in Dallas we go to basketball and soccer games.

Everybody knows that Sunday is the day to go to church. So, we are given choices of churches we can go to. We mostly go to the churches of our house parents.

Also, every boarding student at Brook Hill is given the responsibility of cleaning his or her own room.

Come to think of it, maybe a boarding student’s life ISN’T that different from a day student’s life…


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