Meet The Press: Writers

By Grant Perkins

I am head writer, and I’d rather not boast, so we’ll focus on our team.

We’ll start with Megan Daniel. Megan is a British native and our pop-culture and boardinghouse corespondent. Megan joined newspaper to continue her love of writing, but on her downtime Megan likes to watch Dr. Who and Sherlock but also has a love for longboarding.

Natilse Lorenço is our world culture corespondent. It helps that she is from Angola Africa because she can come in with a different perspective on cultures. Natilse joined the newspaper because she loves journalism and writing articles, but in her downtime Natilse likes to spend time with friends and relax around the boarding house.

Hayley Dumesnil is a day student and one of our sports correspondents; her expertise on the subject comes from her many years spent playing soccer. Hayley, after dropping accounting, saw the potential for having fun while exploring journalism so she joined newspaper. When she’s not at school, Hayley likes to watch shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Duck Dynasty.”

Elim Oluwole was born in Nigeria, but she lived mostly in Saudi Arabia before she began living in the boarding house. Elim is our current affairs correspondent following top stories worldwide. Elim joined newspaper, like others, for her love of journalism, but getting the high school credit doesn’t hurt either. In her downtime, Elim enjoys the musical stylings of a one hip hop artist, Drake.

Jason Morris a Liberian-born student that moved to Brook Hill this year. Jason is our technology correspondent and also helps out with our sports column. For Jason, writing is his passion and is his reason for joining newspaper. Jason, when not writing for the newspaper, likes to play Call Of Duty: Black Opps on his Xbox.


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