Meet the press: Samuel

By Grant Perkins

Let me introduce you to Samuel Willis.

A bright young chap who is also a tech wiz, Samuel Willis is a life force to the Canon Chronicle. In his spare time Samuel likes to play video games. He also likes listening to music (all kinds of music except most rap), reading fiction, watching anime, and developing stories for his future career as either an author or a video game designer.

When asked in a recent interview about the changes made to the newspaper from last year to this year, Sam said, “I’m excited about the online newspaper, but I hope we can have a print edition out soon, with more surveys and things like that.”

Sam also said later in the interview when asked why he joined newspaper, “I like writing and reading newspaper articles. Also, I had a free block that I felt needed to be filled.” Without Sam, the idea of an online newspaper would not be able to be a reality or maybe it could’ve but it definitely wouldn’t look as good as it does now.


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