Television Review: Duck Dynasty

By Samuel Willis

Genre: Reality Television


The Robertson family posing at the end of the Duck Dynasty opening theme

In case you haven’t heard already, Duck Dynasty is a massively popular television show that focuses on the Robertson family, a family of “Rednecks” that own the wealthy company Duck Commander.

Duck Commander produces duck hunting merchandise, but has become exceedingly wealthy due to a superb manufacturing of duck calls. The TV show hardly puts any sense of importance on the company though, instead focusing on the antics of the family that runs it.

Duck Dynasty, like most reality TV shows, has a lot of ridiculous material played up for laughs, but unlike most reality television, Duck Dynasty promotes both family and Christian values. Most of the material that is played for laughs is of a very different sort of humor as well, as if the producers of the show keep those values in mind at all times. The show has a very honest family-friendly feel to it, and even closes every episode with a prayer at the dinner table. Honestly, when was the last time that you saw a prayer on a popular television show? What about on a popular reality television show? Either there is something very rare and valuable in this TV show or I’m just not watching enough television.

The commercials advertising the show and its overall idea sound rather ridiculous, and beside that it’s reality TV, which is rarely actually good. However, despite the absurdity of this series, I recommend giving it a chance – at least in order to see something new and maybe–just maybe–genuinely funny.


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