Homecoming Week Recap

HC PowderPuff game

Lily Cool tagging Tiff Goddard after her stellar catch during the Powder Puff football game on Wednesday.

By Hayley Dumesnil

Last week was full of fun adventures during the Homecoming week!

First, there were dress-up days galore. Monday students dressed up as American Heroes or in Camo. Tuesday was Cowboy Day, Wednesday was Sports Hero day, Thursday was Superhero Day and Friday was All Orange Day.

Activities included a lounge decorating competition, Homecoming Games on Wednesday, Powder Puff Football and Volleyball on Wednesday, a talent show and root beer floats on Wednesday, and a bonfire and pep rally Thursday night. That included dressing up in funny costumes and participating in the Homecoming games.

The seniors also won the lounge decorating competition and now get the BH flag. The lounge themes were “Cowboys have always been my heroes” which was the sophomore theme, “Black out” was the junior class theme, and “Our Jungle” was the senior theme.

HC Volleyball

The freshman boys playing volleyball during the Homecoming Games on Wednesday.

The talent show on Wednesday after the game-filled morning, which was a lot of fun. The highlights included the sophomore guys impersonating the football coaches and the freshmen guys just sitting on the stage doing nothing. There were lots of laughs and embarrassing moments.

Later that same day, the senior girls defeated the juniors at the Powder Puff football game, 12-6. The senior guys also killed the junior boys in the Powder Puff volleyball game.

The pep rally and bonfire were on Thursday night and the Cannon Guard blew up a stuffed tiger. The cheerleaders performed, along with the dance team. The cheerleaders and football players played a game where the boys guessed which cheerleader kissed them on the cheek. When really, it was their moms kissing them on the cheek.

The week ended with the football game on Friday and the dance on Saturday. The Guard football team easily defeated the Trinity Christian Cedar Hill Tigers Friday night 47-27. Then to cap of all the festivities, the Juke Box Dance was a blast on Saturday night and everyone enjoyed it.

Overall, it was an awesome Homecoming week filled with great activities.

HC Talent Show

The sophomore guys impersonated the football coaches for their talent at the Talent Show on Wednesday.



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