Dinner Theatre Opening Night


Allie Childers as Myrtle.

By Samuel Willis

The 17th of October (Thursday) was opening night of this year’s dinner theatre.

Each year, The Brook Hill School Fine Arts program hosts a high school dinner theatre in order to fund the SOFA (Supporters of Fine Arts) program. The particular play this year is a comedy called You Can’t Get There from Here, by Pat Cook. You Can’t Get There from Here focuses on the lives of a small group of people managing a restaurant known as the Mavis Garner Bed and Breakfast in a small town out in the country. When a writer for a popular newspaper comes in from the city, he is shocked at the lifestyle that these people have.

In this brilliant comedy focusing on small town life, You Can’t Get There from Here is a hilarious play that is sure to brighten up your weekend.

The play will be showing twice more, once on the 18th (Friday), and again on the 19th (Saturday). I highly recommend watching the play, and for those who are curious, here is a list of the performers and staff involved in the play:


  • Aunt Liz: Kelsey Kilgore
  • Myrtle: Allie Childers
  • Anne: Claire Dixon
  • Arthur Lyman: Caleb Wagner
  • Queenie: Sheri Russell
  • Dolores Van Damm: Jazmen Jones
  • Horace McClintock: Kyle Webb


  • Director: Mr. Glenn Ballard
  • Costume Director: Mrs. Ballard
  • Assistant Director: Kelsey Kilgore
  • Sound Effects: Samuel Willis
  • Lighting Effects: Matthew Kimball

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